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You know us as Whatever Man Lifestyle but what you might not know is that our founding company name is Amped GmbH which we are extending to deliver our Whatever Man quality to businesses. We deliver individual & sustainable textile services in collaboration with businesses to provide a fairly produced and high quality alternative for company uniforms and branded wear. We do it to support slow fashion, sustainable materials and comfort and style for companies and their employees. We work closely together with our partners to provide a truly tailored delivery in product design and range.

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The process is simple and we make sure to guide you through the whole way as we collaborate on the selection and the design for your company and team. The process and order is fully tailored based on your individual requirements.

We begin with selecting your sustainable fabric of choice, either lyocell or carbonised organic cotton. We then select the product fit and colour you would like and ensure the quantities are available and deliverable for your order. Then we get creative! We look at how we can integrate your brand logo and/or design requests onto the clothing – leaving you with a locally designed, fairly produced, fully tailored uniform for your business and employees.



We’ve been pretty active and have had the pleasure to produce some great gear for several companies and teams already. To mention a few: El Tony Mate, Walden Gin, Ace Café Luzern, Pastarazzi - Petrus, Das Mountainair, Ski Club Beverin, Luzernerschiff, and Chäserstatt.

Support your local business, literally!

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Interested in getting a tailored design for your business too? Get in touch with our co-founder & lead b2b, Micha (micha@whateverman.ch), to find out more, ask your questions and put in your request! We look forward to designing with you!