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Support Das Mountainair

Whatever Man Lifestyle x Das Mountainair

Local support is part of what we stand for - we strive to support local communities and activities that reflect our values in everything we do. This year, we're proud to kit-out the Das Mountainair Festival team with our apparel! You'll see the team wearing our Whatever Man Crewneck with the Das Mountainair logo as a collab design.

You don't know Das Mountainair yet?

"Imagine the feeling you have when you've just climbed a mountain peak and you're gleefully biting into your favorite food. In the other hand you have a cold beer or a fine cocktail...listening to your favorite music. We have packed all these feelings of happiness into an open air concert experience and named it "MountainAir" - literally like the feeling of breathing in fresh mountain air. For us, it symbolizes a mix of outdoors and mountain mountain nature. Two things we love: Mountains and dancing all evening to good music."
- Mountainair Festival

Sounds like something from our Whatever Man Lifestyle stories, right? That's why even if our team can't be there, we'll be there with you in spirit.... & with the Mountainair team rocking our 100% organic cotton Crewnecks. Designed in Switzerland. Made in Portugal.

Enjoy the festival. Live it. Wear it. Share it!

Get your tickets HERE.

Are you interested in Whatever Man supporting your event or supplying your team with customised branded wear? Send your request to our very own Micha or just get in touch to find out more: micha@whateverman.ch